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CHAPTER 21 Behind The Closed Doors

  • Darach looked at his brother. Who was laying on the same bed in the healing center where Darach had left him last time but this time he had a fresh wound and from the looks of it Darach was sure that someone has shot an arrow at him.
  • "What happened to your chest?" Darach asked, inspecting his wound.
  • "Nothing it will heal. Seems like my beast has finally started showing mercy towards me." Connor responded with a breathy exhale.
  • "What's that supposed to mean?" Confusion laced in Darach's voice.
  • "That means that after 20 years the bastard's finally helping me to heal. Something on this land has sparked his interest. Enough about me! Tell me did you get any information on the whereabouts of Lucia and others?" Connor changed the subject, clearly not wanting to talk about his wound.
  • "Nothing! But a witch crossed my way and my beast thinks that she is our mate." Darach announced grimly.
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