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CHAPTER 11 King Against The Cold Queen

  • Darach was on the verge of pulling the demon's head off his body. His tolerance was running low.
  • For the hundredth time, Darach had asked the demon the whereabouts of his mate but the demon's lips were sealed. No matter what Darach said, the demon acted like Darach didn't even exist or as if Darach is a pest under his boot.
  • Darach had never met someone so stubborn.
  • Normally he would just give a look to anyone to have their mouth open but with this frustrating demon, Darach hadn't even able to know her name let alone any other information.
  • Hell! Darach didn't even know his own mate's name, he made a mental note of changing that as soon as possible.
  • "If you don't know where she is then can you tell me where should I wait for her?" Darach asked again. 
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