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Chapter 21

  • Nero didn’t text or call me. It’s been two days since that incident in the beach happened and I just stayed inside my room the whole time. Kino is starting to get frustrated at me. I know he would also want to talk to Nero about all this but I told him not to.
  • Heart told me Lucy was fine. She also explained to me that Lucy was pregnant and was a critical case but she insisted on coming to the bonfire. I was so shocked when I knew she was pregnant—and critical, at that—and was so guilty when I realized that she had shouted at me. I shouldn’t have gone there. If I had known, I wouldn’t have talked back either.
  • Everything I did that night flashed back to me and all I could do is hurl up in bed and cry. I know for myself that I am at fault too. But then I didn’t know. I didn’t know she was pregnant. When I asked about the father of the child, Heart just smiled sadly. I wanted to ask if it’s Nero. I wanted to know so badly. The way Nero rushed to her side made my insides swirl. How he held onto her as he rushed her to the hospital makes my heart hurt so much. He could be the father. I could have the time to know but I was scared of the possible truth. If he was the father, I don’t know if I can face him ever again.
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