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Chapter 17

  • Kino was smiling from ear to ear as he met me for dinner that same day. He’s been gone for the whole day that I’ve spent every minute with Nero. I’m sure it’s one of their ploys again. After all, I don’t know whose side my cousin is on.
  • “You’re glowing.” He uttered as he stopped in front of me and sat across me.
  • We’re eating dinner at Bottle Inn, an Italian Cuisine. It’s about half a kilometer away from the hotel which is perfect because I got the time to walk along the shore on the way here. I loved walking near the sea. It’s too relaxing—especially at night.
  • “We talked.” I told him after ordering our food.
  • Kino smirked and leaned closer. Now, he seemed so interested. He was smiling like he was waiting for this to come after a long time. “How’d it go?” He asked eagerly.
  • I smiled. “I think we’re going to see what happens after.” I told him.
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