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Chapter 10

  • I’ve spent the whole week with Nero. It was fun to be with him. He also taught me to surf and I think I’m getting better and better every day. As for Lucy, she’s so civil in front of me. Well, it’s not like I want to be close to her anyway. She likes Nero but he likes me. The situation’s a bit fouled up.
  • Today, I am headed off towards the beach again. Nero said he’ll be busy but I didn’t bother asking about what would keep him occupied today. Maybe I’d see him by the shore since he’s a surd instructor.
  • I decided to just chill under the heat of the sun to pass time. Besides, being alone sometimes helps me think things through. I’ve made some friends around, like Greg and Leslie, who, apparently are also staying in the hotel for a vacation. They’re with their other close friends.
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