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Mafioso In Darkness

Mafioso In Darkness


Last update: 2022-03-01

Chapter 1

  • Preface
  • Although pragmatic, by day he is a correct being, apparently the prince charming that women look for in a fairy tale, being in reality insidious, because when the moon rises he is a crooked, frivolous man, he is dangerous, at night his dark side and the most evil desires take over his dark and relentless soul, unleashing all the demons in him.
  • When a full moon looms in its dark sky, the Russian wolf is already on the prowl, ready to catch and devour its prey.
  • The world does not know that the burly man in a tailored suit, formal and dictator, is indeed a fearless and tough being.
  • When his father, the powerful Dimitri Konstantinov, a vengeful Russian, entrusts him with the task of going after the bastard daughter of his treacherous wife with a prominent businessman in Manhattan, Alek won't hesitate to tie up that loose end.
  • "Do not fall in love with Aleksander Konstantinov, because he is an imperious disaster, and hot as a volcano, but he is also the bullet that you do not want to see embedded in your chest, once this happens it will be inevitable to see you dying and bleeding from the beast, a beast that just by looking into your eyes, is capable of absorbing your stability to the point of becoming non-existent ".
  • ...
  • "The wolf is now my vice, an illicit one, therefore it is a crime that my mouth commits, I do not think about the life sentence that I will get by opting for its criminal mouth that leads me to sin."
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