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Chapter 6 A Kiss

  • For a moment, Marco looked surprised. But it quickly disappeared as he immediately changed his expression to a calm one. "Are you serious?"
  • " I am," I replied confidently. "Kiss me."
  • Without any rush (like he did in the elevator earlier), Marco's left hand grabbed my waist to bring me closer, at the same time as his right hand cupped my cheek. I had already closed my eyes when those thin lips touched mine. He didn't do it hastily, gently and carefully as if I was the most fragile creature in the world.
  • I squeezed his coat, trying to prevent Marco from ending the kiss quickly. He was still gently sucking on my lips, and I didn't want to let him go so soon. The reluctance to separate from him was driving me crazy and I wished that Marco would always be near me.
  • His lips movement stopped. I opened my eyes and was greeted by his dark irises. A feeling of deja vu came over me. Marco pulled away from the hug, but not the catch on my cheek. He rubbed my lower lip with his thumb. "I remember you."
  • I inwardly smiled devilishly. My plan had worked. Moments ago I devised a way to remind Marco of our encounter by forcing him to do the same thing again.
  • "You're the one I kissed in front of the elevator to fool the people who were chasing me," he said which made me nod slowly.
  • Marco swore then pointed his middle finger at Isaac who honked his horn abruptly. I chuckled as I saw his annoyed expression which I found cute.
  • "Then you still have one more debt to pay." I spoke while slightly raising one corner of my lips.
  • The man whispered softly, "Say it."
  • "No," I replied with a devilish smile. I kissed Marco once more quickly. " I will use that as a weapon."
  • I nodded at Marco who stood there looking like an idiot. I gave him one last smile before disappearing at the hotel entrance.
  • I was still smiling like an absolute idiot all the way to Kim's room. Even my subconscious was shaking her head and mocking me. Let it be, let her know that today I shut her down big time. I pressed the door password, and when I opened it, Kim was already standing in front of me, praising her God before hugging me with relief.
  • Damn, my wound was compressed by her arm.
  • Kim immediately released her embrace when she heard me hiss. "Leanne, are you okay?" I didn't answer. And out of nowhere, she pulled up the sleeves of the cardigan I was wearing. "Oh my God, Leanne! What happened to you? I knew you'd be in trouble. Tell me exactly why it's like this!"
  • She led me to sit on the edge of the bed. Kim insisted on taking me to the hospital, but I refused. "I'm fine, Kim. You also know that this is my specialization."
  • "All right, all right, soon-to-be doctor. But promise me you won't prevent me from taking care of you." She demanded as she pointed her forefinger at me.
  • "I promise."
  • "Now, tell me what happened until you disappeared into the night like this!" Kim pulled out a chair and sat facing me, ready to hear my story.
  • But which story? What am I going to say? Can I tell Kim that I killed someone? Damn, that feeling of dread came up again when I remembered the accident I had made. For some reason I wanted to cry again, scream as much as I could so that the tightness in my chest could collapse.
  • "Leanne, are you okay? You look scared," Kim asked worriedly. I didn't answer her, just looked at the girl in front of me sadly. Kim got up and laid me down gently. "You don't have to tell me now if you're not ready. I will be able to understand. Now rest."
  • I took Kim's hand as she finished covering me. The girl looked at me with a frown. Smiling, I said softly, "Thank you, Kim."
  • The frown on her forehead disappeared gradually, replaced by a genuine smile that made her eyes disappear even more. I was so lucky to have Kimberly Chan in my life, the best friend ever.