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Chapter 5 She's My Real Mum

  • I was calm, yes very calm. What was there to find stupid in this story? I am sitting in front of a huge wolf, oh sorry a wolf and guess what? This wolf speaks to me and even claims to be my mother. It's insane I went crazy listening to it even when my mother was probably in danger somewhere.
  • I frowned deciding to end this masquerade, since morning I saw strange scenes and frightening sensations. I don't understand everything that's happening to me, maybe everything I've been through since I woke up is just a dream or a nightmare due to my stress of waiting for an answer from the 'university. That would explain my mother's weird behavior, the crazy things I've been through, and now the presence of a huge she-wolf in the bathroom tub and her talking at all.
  • That must be it, I'm dreaming.
  • My head threw a violent headache at me as I held it with both hands gritting my teeth. It was that damned voice inside my head again, it had just told me that I don't dream excruciatingly and I felt my mind go blank the pain was so excruciating. I suffered like this for a moment before the pain subsided and I began to breathe heavily on the floor, saliva sloshing out of my mouth carelessly. My eyelids were dilated and my expression was blank. I was exhausted.
  • I heard the wolf in the distance squealing like a sad wolf and I looked at her sadly.
  • " The transformation has already begun... I know you don't believe me my darling so I'm going to tell you something that only you and I know to convince you."
  • My pain subsided, I sat leaning against the door, no trace of strength in my limbs. I looked at the wolf interested to know what she had to tell me, it's true I have many secrets that I hide but there is one that only my mother and I share and it concerns my relationship with my boyfriend.
  • During summer vacation two years ago I went to the beach with my mother and met a handsome surfer there. Although I was in a relationship with my current boyfriend Chad, I allowed myself a three-month getaway and was truly in love with him. But he was also a foreigner and he had to return to his hometown after those summer vacations and that's how we lost touch.
  • Only my mom knows about it as she consoled me after that split, neither my best friend Stacy nor my boyfriend Chad knew about it as I came back and just continued my relationship with him.
  • I know it's mean of me especially since I cheated on Chad and I was ready to give myself to this surfer but I can't help it, I was madly in love with this man even if he was seven years old than me at that time. I was only 16 and he was 23 but I didn't care, I had never felt that. It was as if I had found my soul mate.
  • I was certainly a joke to him because he hadn't seemed sad when he left me, but for me, it was a love that had almost broken me. The only thing I kept from him was his pendant with G&T initials inscribed on it. I didn't understand why there were those initials when he told me his name was Alen. Maybe I was just a game for him and he gave me a fake name. This realization made me recover a little faster and I was able to return to Chad's arms with no regrets and put an end to memories by the sea with Alen.
  • It was the secret I shared with my mother, the most poignant in any case.
  • " If I tell you Alen will you believe me?"
  • I gulped and dropped the cell phone I was holding.
  • " Mom?"
  • The wolf sighed before nodding her head.
  • "Yes, I am your mother."
  • I crawled closer to the wolf as I touched her bloodstained fur.
  • "How is it possible ?"
  • "My darling, there are beings who are not only fruits of human myths and folklore. These beings exist and I am part of them... Just like you."
  • I skipped a beat as my eyes widened to see the wolf disappear to become my mother again. She was naked in the tub but that's not the most important thing. She had severe and fatal wounds all over her body and I wanted to scream in terror.
  • This wolf was my mother and she had just taken back the form that I had always known from her. But she was badly hurt so I had to take her to see a doctor but my mom put her hand up and stopped me.
  • " We don't have time... I won't last long."
  • " But Mom..."
  • " Listen to me... It's not important for now.. you have to understand that telling you the truth now will save your life later... Listen to me without interrupting me anymore..."
  • I swallowed before lowering my head and nodding. My mother never shouts, she rarely gets angry and never had that expression. If she's doing it now then it surely must be serious given the urgency in her voice. I shivered before looking at her with teary eyes.
  • "Are you a werewolf?"
  • My mother smiled before speaking.
  • "More precisely lycanthrope... The term werewolf is a deformation that humans have used for centuries to name those of my species but the appropriate term is a lycanthrope."