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Chapter 4 Damn Wolf

  • I opened the door and immediately, the lingering and strong smell of blood hit my senses so hard it made me dizzy. I grabbed onto the door trying not to fall before grabbing my mouth because I wanted to vomit.
  • Not that the smell of blood has ever bothered me but today especially when this smell was more than strong I would even say exacerbated, I felt nauseous and my stomach ached. I felt like I was suffocating and also felt feverish. It was a pretty fragile state and my eyesight began to blur.
  • I advanced with difficulty trying somehow not to fall and finally, I was able to climb the stairs finding myself upstairs. I followed the smell of blood which grew stronger as I walked and finally I was in front of my mother's room. I swallowed and turned the doorknob. Slowly, fearfully, shaking from head to toe, I managed to open the door and found myself in front of what I would call a horrifying sight.
  • Blood, there was everywhere on the walls and the floor, the clothes, the sheets, and the upholstery were stained with red but that was not what struck me first because the strong smell of blood had already indicated that the quantity was considerable.
  • No, what boggled my mind were the scratch marks on the furniture, walls, and floor. It looked like a wild animal had entered the house and ransacked everything. I didn't understand what was going on but it was obvious that it couldn't be even a Wolverine-style weapon that could have done this. No, it was a real animal that is responsible for this carnage but worse, this atrocity.
  • But what animal? We are in the city center, no one has reported a wild animal in the area so in a residential area like ours how could an animal enter the house, do so much damage, and come out without being seen by anyone? Especially when...
  • I shook my head at the horror of my thoughts. This animal could not, no it is impossible. If he assaulted my mother then she would have screamed and people would have appeared immediately to help her.
  • I again put a shaking hand over my mouth before looking for my mother, I have to know where she is. I turned my face around now extremely panicked.
  • " Mom... Please tell me you're here... That you're fine... Mom..."
  • I called for long minutes but I didn't get an answer so I started to cry the panic having overcome me at the idea of ​​losing my mother definitively.
  • I walked around the room the smell of blood freaked me out but I didn't have time to care so I ignored the feelings of discomfort in my stomach and throat and continued to look for my mother. Her room was big enough so I ran around rummaging under the bed and in the cupboards hoping she was hiding there from her aggressor.
  • But no matter how much I searched, I found nothing and finally, decided to go look in the bathroom. It was the only place I hadn't searched. Taking full measure of this, I started to walk towards the place realizing something I hadn't noticed.
  • There were traces of blood that led to the bathroom, it looked like someone had tried to slip in with difficulty. The tracks were wide as if someone had crawled over there and I realized it could only be my mother.
  • I pursed my lips before biting the lower one, I moved forward, and sighing, I opened the door.
  • "Mom?"
  • I looked around and saw blood in the tub, then I heard a moan, well it was like a little hurt dog cry but at that moment, my mind was just in shambles. I ran imagining it was my mother before stopping, struck by the vision before me.
  • In the tub was a huge injured wolf who was struggling to hold his breath steady and seemed to be in real pain with his injuries which by the way were serious and deep.
  • " What is..."
  • I stood for a moment spaced out in front of this discovery before pulling myself together and frowning. If this thing is here instead of my mother then it is certain that it was him who attacked my mother... But with all these wounds I smiled saying to myself that my mother had not left herself.
  • I decided to call the police or whatever to report this beast but just as I was about to do so an unlikely thing happened.
  • The wolf in the tub spoke to me and as twisted as it sounded, he had my mother's voice. Sick thing as I slipped and fell on my ass.
  • " Shit what is this story?"
  • The wolf moaned before raising his head.
  • " Sophia... My darling, you're finally home..."
  • " What the hell is this story? Why does a wolf speak to me and why does this wolf have my mother's voice? "
  • I demand explanations.
  • I was shaking from head to toe as my brain tried to figure out what was frankly humanly impossible to do. Although with everything that's happened to me since this morning, I should take the trouble to calm down and think about what's going on.
  • " Calm down my darling, I saved my energy to wait for you so please calm down and let me talk... I will explain to you what is happening and I beg you, I have no more enough time then you will have to shut up and listen to me without interrupting me."
  • The huge wolf looked up at me as I walked away from him going to kick me out.
  • " Well... Sophia, you are not like normal humans."