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Chapter 4 Officially Married

  • He was taking short, shallow breaths as he trailed kisses down her neck. A tingle of shivers ran up her spine, and she couldn't get close enough to him. She needed to feel him. She reached down and pulled his shirt up, wanting to feel his skin. He pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it on the floor.
  • She wanted to put her hands all over him. She ran her hand over his shoulders, slowly down his chest, down to his stomach, and bit her lower lip as she watched his muscles contract from her touch. She let her hands roam all the way down to his waistband. She slipped two fingers into his jeans and felt the tip of his erection.
  • She swallowed. Lucifer hesitated to pull her shirt over her head. It was his turn to watch in awe. He ran his hands over her breasts, pulling at her nipples, turning them into taut little peaks. She arched her back and moaned. Lucifer leaned down to suck on her breast and play with the other while he licked and sucked. He started moaning out louder as she grounded her hips into his erection.
  • She wasted no time and unbuttoned her pants and pulled everything down in one swift motion.
  • She lay there open for him. He leaned down to taste her. He licked her slowly, tasting her as her hands snaked through his hair. She sucked in quick breaths.
  • "God, I'm so turned on. I might come if you keep doing that." She muttered in a deep, soft tone. He took that as instruction and kept licking, quickening his lick on her clit. She was having intense pleasure as his touch sent shivers down her spine.
  • "L…Lu… Lucifer." She moaned even louder and wrapped her legs around his head. He slipped a finger inside her, giving her light pumps as he tasted her.
  • "Lucifer." she warned, half out of breath. He knew she was close; he could feel her grasping him. She pumped her hips against him. It was incredibly hot.
  • He felt her body tighten as she reached the climax. He gave her a moment. Her eyes were shaking as he watched her chest rise and fall.
  • "So sexy, baby." He murmured.
  • "I don't want to give you a big ego, but that was fucking amazing. I have never felt that way in my entire life," she mumbled.
  • He smiled his beautiful white smile. She propped herself up on her elbows, "Your turn." She got up and unbuttoned his pants. Her hand found his iron rod and he couldn't take even her hand. He was about to burst after her performance.
  • "I need to be inside of you, now." he said gruffly.
  • He pulled down his pants and his boxers with them. She eyed his shaft. Wow. She sucked in a breath. It was huge. She licked her lips.
  • He groaned and pushed her back onto the bed, spread her legs and guided herself into her. He slipped in with just the tip and leaned forward to be close to her and she felt a slight pain down there, a slight cut, and blood filled the sheets, but he wasn't disturbed. She could feel him push slowly into her. It felt amazing.
  • "So, this is what it feels like to have sex." she said, under her breath. It was so intimate him gazing into her eyes as he pushed into her. She wanted more. She wanted all of Lucifer now.
  • "More baby," she mumbled, dropping her hands on his ass, pulling him deeper inside.
  • He didn't need any more invitations; he slammed all the way inside her. Her eyes rolled back when he hit her in the spot. He started in a strong rhythm, and she wrapped herself tighter around him.
  • His muscles contracted and moved as he pumped in and out of her. It was so deliciously sexy.
  • He continued at an almost frantic pace and felt her tighten around his manhood before she slipped over the edge, convulsing her hips around him. She knew, as a matter of fact, that she loved him.
  • He couldn't hold back any longer and buried himself deep inside of her. He shouted as he came so hard. He kept his eyes closed. He collapsed on top of her, took a breath, and rolled off of her.
  • She lay on the bed naked, and he took off his shorts and flew out of the room. She used the duvet to cover herself and drifted to sleep.
  • Lucifer returned to his room and reverted to his beast form. He took a hot shower and dressed in a large black robe with a huge skull on the back. He grabbed his trident from the side of his bed and touched his head, as if receiving signals from one of his demons. He vanished into thin air, into his throne room, and sat on his throne. A demon was kneeling before his throne with his head down.
  • "What’s the matter? Speak." Lucifer declared. The demon raised his head to look at him with his hands clasped together.
  • "Your highness, there is a crisis on earth, and we need your support." The demon said in a worried tone.
  • "Why do you need my support?" Lucifer queried with a deep voice.
  • "There is this strange human with magical powers that keeps killing all our demon brothers," he said. "He even opened an organization that captured our brothers." The demon lamented, with the corners of his mouth falling towards the ground.
  • "Hmm, and Luis is not back from the war I sent him to fight..." Lucifer said, stroking his chin, thinking of what to do, because his demons need him, and if things continue like this, he will lose a lot of demons.
  • "So, what do you suggest, your highness?" the demon inquired. He pursed his lips into a line. His three-headed dog ran to him, diverting his attention to them. He glanced at his side and spotted the left-over meat he had eaten. He grasped it and tossed it to the dog, who was barking from his three heads. He had borrowed the dog from his brother, Hades. The dog grabbed the meat and ran away.