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Chapter 7

  • Jake knew that they were far from being in the clear, but being here with Rebecca made him feel more relaxed and fearless. He had made sure that they would never be taken unawares by having Rebecca use whatever influence she had with friends that had access to records of arrivals into Mexico from the North. If anyone suspicious was noticed, Jake and Rebecca would be notified immediately while the person would be closely monitored.
  • Despite his precautions, Jake never let his guard down even for a minute. He scanned his immediate surroundings frequently for anyone who had their attention on him or Rebecca, or anyone who had no business being where they were. Rebecca, on her part, knew that it would take some time for Jake to feel completely safe in his surroundings and she was working hard but carefully to make sure that he was more relaxed. She never let him know it, but his constant alertness made her nervous and a little scared. Even now, while they were in one of the beach stalls, he was scanning his immediate environment minutely. Rebecca slowly got off his chest as she felt his body suddenly tense.
  • "What's it, honey?", she asked him.
  • "Nothing," he replied curtly.
  • "Come on, spill it. You look worried."
  • "That woman over there by the blue umbrella, she looks familiar."
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