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Chapter 6

  • Jayden was quite satisfied, at least for the moment. She had successfully briefed Jim on her detailed plans to track Rebecca Varma which would eventually lead them to Jake. Jim seemed satisfied too, but Jayden knew that nothing short of Jake's capture would make everyone happy. Her plans had been put in motion already. Her team was actively but clandestinely searching for Rebecca's footprints through various means. They were leaving nothing to chance. Chatter from all likely areas of exile were filtered and analyzed. Properties of the Varmas were monitored and even financial transactions were closely followed. Jayden was satisfied because she had something to report as a definite plan of action, but she was quite disappointed with the slowness of the search, so she dedicated herself to thinking out a shortcut.
  • "Mary, I have an idea. Let's do something different," she said to her assistant one evening as they sat in the TOC reviewing data they had received from their team of analysts.
  • "What's that, ma'am?", asked Mary.
  • "Let's look closer to home. Indigo and Varma escaped on the 20th. They had to find transport of some sort. Perhaps a bus or taxi or train, assuming they took enough money. Let's look into that."
  • It didn't take long for Mary to work through the ideas that her boss had suggested. She had a breakthrough quickly enough and she went straight to Jayden.
  • "Got a match?"
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