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Chapter 14

  • They had everything planned out. Everything would have to go with time, so there was no room for mistakes or delays. They were equipped and ready, hiding behind the huge trees. Their all-black attire was perfect for the mission and they had their faces smeared with earth.
  • Suddenly, Jake and Jayden darted out, left and right respectively. They had timed the roving guards, so when they stopped to rest a little, they launched their attack.
  • Simultaneously, they each whipped out their knives, grabbed their respective guard and swoop! Both throats were cut and the dead bodies dropped noiselessly.
  • Joe, who had hung back to keep watch and provide cover fire if necessary, immediately ran forward and joined them in working on the bars that blocked the tunnel. The bars were thicker than the ones Joe had encountered when he made his escape, but the team was ready. They had come with the right equipment and they cut through it as fast and quietly as possible.
  • After they had disposed of the bars, Joe crawled through while Jake and Jayden stood guard at the entrance, weapons drawn. 
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