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Chapter 11

  • Rebecca was feeling carefree and relaxed. Even though she knew that the drinks were telling on her, she wasn't about to stop, not yet. It was not everyday she and Jake got to have such a nice time with someone else. Their playmate for the night was Rebecca's childhood friend, Anna. She was the doctor whose house Jayden was chained after she had attacked Jake in their rented apartment and right now, three of them were in that same house playing cards and drinking beer. The doctor was always busy with work and the house was quite large, so they hardly saw much of her.
  • Jake had earlier declared the place compromised and unsafe for them, but Rebecca had convinced him otherwise. The only other person who knew about the house was Jayden and Rebecca was sure their secret was safe with her, even though they had not heard from her since she left them.
  • The game had been played long and far into the night and the doctor was already complaining of drowsiness and was accusing Jake of taking advantage of that to cheat. Not that she won any game against him even when she was clear-eyed.
  • They had to call it quits and the doctor had just retired to bed when they heard a knock on the door. Rebecca offered to answer it and Jake knew better than to stop her.
  • Getting to the door, she opened it quickly only to find a young man that looked very much like Jake except that he had bright red locks. She quickly shut the door and put her back to it. Jake was already standing in front of her. 
  • "Hey, what is it? Everything OK?", he asked in alarm. 
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