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Lovin' A Superhuman

Lovin' A Superhuman

ML James

Update: 2021-10-20

Chapter 1

  • Jake had just finished his final session at the Centre of Evaluation. He walked smartly into the large Situation Room where his superiors were gathered, waiting for him. He stood stock still, close to the projector at the head of the table where his direct handler, Jim, was also standing. Jim cleared his throat, drawing the entire room's attention to both of them. He switched on the projector before beginning his speech.
  • "Sirs, I am glad to inform you that Indigo 12X, also known by his cover pseudonym as Jake Stanton, is fully fit and equipped for his mission. He has just finished his final session at the CoE and they have confirmed him competent and ready. He has been fully briefed and given the necessary information about the target and his mission."
  • Everyone was focused on the projector, reading the statistics and reports on Jake provided by the CoE. Only one man, Col. Joseph Wade was looking closely at Jake. He cleared his throat, drawing attention to himself.  
  • "Are we very sure that he can speak exactly like a native Frenchman?"
  • "Yes, Colonel. According to the reports by the..."
  • Wade didn't let him finish before harshly cutting in.
  • "Jim, this mission concerns humans, so I think I would prefer to hear him speak with my ears instead of solely relying on the information provided by computers."
  • "Yes, Colonel. I'm sure you'll even be more impressed than the computers were."
  • Jim signaled to Jake and he started spilling French like a native Frenchman who'd spent all his life in France. Col. Wade, being also fluent in French, bombarded Jake with questions in the language that would force him to provide answers which would prove his proficiency. At the end, he was greatly impressed. He looked at Jake for a while, nodded several times and signed for Jim to continue.
  • Jim, puffed with pride at his asset's success with Wade's test, continued his explanations with an even louder voice, backing them up with the statistics and graphs on the projector. It felt good to know that his efforts had paid off.
  • After satisfying their superiors in the Situation Room, Jim and Jake  were finally left alone to make final preparations for the mission. Jake was one of Jim's students. He was one of the latest breeds of superhumans created by the top-secret special intelligence branch of the foremost military intelligence agency trained to carry out virtually impossible missions.
  • Being half human and half feline in DNA, Jake had exceptional qualities, especially enhanced cat-like abilities. With an extraordinarily high intelligence, superb night vision, snake-like speed and extremely flexible backbone, he was what his creators had been looking forward to for decades.
  • There were other students of Jim's who were half-human and half-animal in DNA and physical characteristics, but Jake was selected for the field test in an important mission since he alone had passed all his tests. Jim had gone to great lengths to assure those at the top that Jake could be completely trusted to complete the mission satisfactorily. There were once concerns that Jake might be ruled by human emotions and would therefore endanger the mission, but Jim had submitted him to series of tests, evaluations and simulations to prove that Jake had no mind of his own. In all essence, he was just a programmable machine designed to carry out the orders of his superiors to the latter.
  • ***
  • Having finished preparations for the mission, Jim escorted his best student to where he would take the bus to his destination. His final words to Jake were simple: "complete the mission at all costs and make me proud".
  • Jake, in his usual curt manner, simply nodded and boarded the bus. He knew when to switch to genial and friendly, but he had been accustomed to being straight and stiff in the presence of his mates and superiors.
  • This particular mission would be his first undercover mission in the real world. He had previously participated in various simulated missions in which everything was controlled by the agency and run within the grounds of the base. Now, he was alone and free. He didn't miss anywhere, anything or anyone since he was trained to be without real emotions. All that existed on his mind was to carry out his orders to the latter and report back to base before the deadline.
  • The objective of this mission was simple enough. He was to apply for the post of French teacher to Rebecca Varma, the daughter to Sam Varma who was a renowned IT guru. Jake would then get close enough to Rebecca to kidnap her and bring her to the agency who will in turn use her as a leverage to order Varma to do their bidding.
  • It would be an easy job for Jake, but not for anyone else or so he thought. The Varmas lived in a mansion that was virtually impregnable. They were protected by ultra-modern security equipment and highly paid and well-trained security teams. Sam Varma's and his daughter's movements could not be tracked and their compound was massive in size, so kidnapping either or both of them in public or during a raid on the house was out of the question. Yet, Varma's expertise was urgently needed to create an important program for the agency, but he had vowed never to get involved with them, so they resorted to the use of one of their latest innovations, which happened to be Jake, to infiltrate the compound and kidnap Rebecca, so she could be used as a bargaining chip.
  • The success of this pilot mission would ensure more missions for Jake and his mates. And from the very little human feeling he had, he knew that he liked it out here in the real world and he would do anything that would give him more chances to spend time out of the base. So failure on this mission was not even an option!
  • ***
  • Jake arrived at Varma's just in time for the interview. After a strenuous time with the mansion's security personnel, he was passed into the pre-interview centre where he and other applicants underwent heavy scrutiny. Everything about them was X-rayed. They were thoroughly searched, questioned, tested and all their credentials and statements put through various verification processes. At the end of the screening, only 3 out of 21 applicants were left. Jake was one of the three and he was the only one who was not exhausted.
  • After they were tested for proficiency in the language they had applied to teach, only two remained. They were then given a written test and Jake passed by a wide gap. The examiner was very much surprised at Jake's level of endurance and alertness. After he was confirmed as the best, Jake was passed  to Varma's office. The man welcomed him warmly and asked him to sit.
  • "You looked un-flustered, Mr. Stanton, but I'm sure deep down you must be very exhausted." He paused to stare at Jake to gauge his reaction, but Jake only smiled politely. "I just needed to apologize for the strict measures, but you know, nowadays we can never be too careful. I'm glad you're done with all that now."
  • "Thank you, sir."
  • Varma nodded in acknowledgement. "As you know, you will live here for the duration of the course, so get rested and make yourself comfortable. She's away for now, but you will meet your student in a few days. And be careful with her, she's my only child."
  • "Yes sir. Thank you. You're too kind," Jake said mechanically, with a captivating grin.
  • They shook hands and beamed at each other again and Varma wished him good luck before Jake exited the office.