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Chapter 9 My sour heart

  • Russeli POV
  • I called Cindy out late in the evening to the little playground next to her house, I have come put to see her, I just wanted to see her before I go to bed that night.
  • We both sat down on the swing, longing up at the night sky. "The stars are beautiful," I said softly to herself hearing, there were a lot of stars in the sky which made it look like we are in a fairy tale.
  • I look at Cindy who had her eyes on the sky, probably looking at the beautiful sky, she was always pretty, always looking beautiful whenever I see her, it doesn't matter the time, she looks dazzling both at night and day. "This is how I want you to twinkle, just like the stars."
  • "Huh!" She turns her eyes to look at me, I smiled at her, looking down at her lips I remembered our kiss and it made me blush, I look away immediately.
  • "Are you going to the party tomorrow?" I asked her, exhaling softly as I changed the topic.
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