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Chapter 35 The goodbye

  • Cindy POV
  • I grab her coat and ran out of the house, it was rainy and I was not with an umbrella, but I didn’t mind, I did not care, I was focused as I recall the call I had received a few minutes ago.
  • “Cindy, this is Louisa, I am giving you the permission to love Jeffery, he is not my son, he is not your half brother, so go find him and love him as much as you want.”
  • This was all like a dream to me, Jeffery was not my real brother, this means I can still love him, my heart had not stopped loving him and I have my parent’s permission to love him, this was just too good, all I had to do was find Jeffery and I know just where he would be if he also knows about this.
  • I arrived at the beach, it was pouring heavily and there Jeffery stood, under the rain, staring at the ocean, as I walked step by step closer, the words he had told me in the past echoed in my head.
  • “I love my father so much, he was my best friend, the only person I feel so close to, the one who remembers my birthday first after you, I don’t know if my mother is too busy to remember, she only does when she is reminded by my father or if she looks at the calendar by chance. I will confess that those fourteen years I spent in California she only sent a birthday present and wishes only three times in fourteen years.”
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