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Chapter 31 A warm embrace

  • I was so furious when I arrived home, too mad at all the lies I had lived in, all the secrets kept away from, it hurts me a lot that I had to destroy all I could lay hands on at the mansion just to calm my rage but the pain and anger were too much.
  • I sat down in tears, what other lies had they kept away from me, does this means that I was alone all this while, was this the truth and why does it have to come out now.
  • I place my hands on my head, it was spinning and filled with a lot of questions, I was in pain, both in my heart and in my heart, was this what they say about the truth? Was this why they said the truth hurts so much?
  • “Jeffery,” I heard my mother’s voice, no, the voice of the lady who I had believed to be my mother alone.
  • I looked up at her, wanting to know all the truth about her secrets. “Tell me how she is your daughter, how did she become your daughter?” I was in so much rage and was not able to control it. “Tell me everything!”
  • Tears rolled down her eyes and I wonder if she should be the one crying or me. “I had an affair with Marcus because I loved him so much,” Her voice was cracked but I was glad that she didn’t beat around the bus.
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