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Chapter 19 Dangerous men

  • Cindy walked into class the next morning and the class was noisy, as people in the different group were talking, she put down her bag in the locker and walked over to her desk with her notebook.
  • "Cindy you missed," Kelly told her immediately she sat down. "The fight was so hot."
  • "I can see that." Cindy placed her book. "So who won?" She asked indifferently, she was not interested in it, but to make her friends happy, she had to join the conversation.
  • "Mare looking you will know," Kelly told her and Cindy look around, she could see light bruises on few students face. "The troublemakers were the loser."
  • Cindy looks at her friends, puzzled. "And who are the troublemakers?" She asked.
  • "You got eyes girl." Kelly looks in the opposite direction. "It is Elle and her group, Salsa was the winner," Janet told her.
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