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Chapter 18 Lady in my heart

  • Jeffery and Cindy sat down at lipazo restaurant eating the meal they have ordered. Jeffery stares at Cindy for a long time with a smile on his lips. "Were you jealous when I left earlier with Suzy?"
  • Cindy looks up from her food and arches her brow. "Why should I be?" She could see Jeffery giggle, sure enough, he was loving her reaction. "When I smiled at Russeli, were you jealous?" She retorts.
  • "Yes," Jeffery said seriously and Cindy looks at his face. "I don't like you smiling at other boys."
  • Cindy cleared her throat and averted her gaze. "Why are you saying and looking so serious like that?" She looks at him again.
  • "That is because I am serious, you are mine and mine alone." He told her and leans close to the table.
  • Cindy rolled her eyes. "I am not yours, only I can own myself." She started eating again.
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