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Chapter 12 I have found my darling dearest

  • Mr Henry blew the whistle again and they began. "Bella bump, Janet quicken your speed and tighten your fist! That's right, hit it higher, you are doing good over there." Kelly grounded the ball to Suzy's team and they earn their own goal and the others ch
  • Few minutes, Mr Henry blew his whistle for a short mini-break, and they went to rehydrate, Russeli walked over to Cindy with a bottle of water, he hands it over to her and she took a sip. "You're doing well over there," Russeli told her with a smile.
  • "I am just being lucky." Cindy knew that she was just ducking the ball whenever it comes close to her and Kelly or Janet always step in to hit the ball over, she was useless to the sport.
  • "You are still trying your best." Russeli flashed her a gentle smile, if this was her first step, it was a good one.
  • Suzy saw Jeffery staring at Russeli and Cindy, she walked over to him and block his view as he faces her. "How am I doing in the sport?" She asked with a smile when she saw he had given her his attention.
  • "You are doing your best, a thumbs up for you." He gave her a thumbs up with his finger with his cute smile on his face, Cindy on the other hand turned and saw Jeffery talking to Suzy and her eyes met with Jeffery's but she quickly looked away.
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