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Chapter 11 Have i found my rival in love

  • "Russeli, is something wrong with Cindy?" Chris asked him immediately he returned to his seat.
  • "She seems to be sad by something, she doesn't want to tell me about it either." Russeli turns his eyes and saw Jeffery staring at Cindy and he furrowed his brow. "What is the matter with that transferred student?"
  • "He has been staring at her for a while now," Awson replied, also turning his head to look at Jeffery.
  • Russeli looks at Cindy and then back at Jeffery and shook his head. "I feel uneasy." He muttered to himself and exhaled softly.
  • "Hey, dude, stop staring at her that way," Chad told Jeffery as he touched him lightly on the hand.
  • "Yeah, look, everyone is watching and whispering," D'mally added, but Jeffery did not stop, he couldn't see anyone or anything in the class but Cindy.
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