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Update: 2021-09-28

Chapter 1 Back home

  • Jeffery Walsh POV
  • I finally arrived in New York from California after fourteen years of staying there, the cool air blew on my face on arriving, the smell of New York a city I have always hope to come back to.
  • The event that had made me leave was a thing I still can't forget, but the person I left behind was what hurts me most...
  • I arrived at our mansion, a Mansion built and designed by my father, nothing had changed for those fourteen years I have been away, everything seems to be the same, the tall trees, the beautiful large garden I do play around as a kid.
  • The flowers seem to bloom more at my arrival and it seems it was sending a warm welcome home to me, truly I have missed this place, but there at the entrance, a person I have separated from for ten years stood by the door with a big goofy smile.
  • A lady I admire and love, finally I got to see her too. She ran over to me and gave me a big hug, the one she gives me when I was a kid.
  • I miss her warm embrace and the light fragrance that emits from her body, I dropped everything I was holding and embraced her close to my self.
  • I admit I have in taller and bigger than she once knew me, before I was so tiny but now I was no longer a kid but a grown-up.
  • "Oh, my son!" She exclaimed loudly with a choked voice mixed with laughter.
  • "Mom!" I smile almost in tears. "Mom, I miss you so much," I whispered in her ears.
  • "I miss you more." Tears rolled down her cheek. I looked down at my mother, Louisa, she had gotten a little bit older than when I last saw her, I guess that's what being away for ten years had caused.
  • Louisa is a beautiful lady in her early thirties, she had pale blue eyes and dark brown hair, she was not chubby, but not thin either, to me she was the prettiest mother one could ever have.
  • "How have you been?" She asked as she looked at me, I know she was amazed at how grown up I have become, the last time she saw me , I was a bit short and she does pat my hair but, now she touched his face gently.
  • "I have been so lonely," I told her honestly with a soft voice, truly being in California was lonely, everyone was unfamiliar to me and I was far from my mother and all the people I knew.
  • "I know, I know, "Louisa said softly in a hoarse voice. "It is my son." She muttered. "Jeffery is back." She looked at my face with a tender expression, the same expression she had when she left me in California, I know she love me, that was why she left, she didn't leave me there because she hates me, it was out of love.
  • "I'm not sending you away ever again." She told me and hugged me again, her words a smile to my lips. "I missed you so much, I'm really glad I can see you and talk to you face-to-face now." She sob.
  • I know it was hard for her too, just like I had no one in California she had no one here too, she had only returned for my own good too.
  • "Don't cry, mom," I told my mother as I wiped away her tears with the tip of my finger. "I understand." I smile at her, hoping that she would no longer cry, I hate seeing people I love in tears, it hurts my heart.
  • we both walked into the mansion, now I know that the only thing that didn't change was the outside, the inside was redecorated, more stylish, extensive and superb.
  • New stone walls, beautiful wall pictures and the walls were all painted white giving it a more classy look, it smelt like home and I take a long look at each picture, oceanview, tall trees, these were all a work of art.
  • I sat next to my mother on the comfortable sofa and she turned her eyes to me, looking at me like she had just seen me for the first time in her life.
  • "Tell me, how have you been?" She asked as she wipes off the remaining tears on her cheek with the back of her hands.
  • "I have been okay. I survived mom," I replied softly, sure I survived, I never love travelling, even if my parent is wealthy, travelling was one thing I disliked, to some people it is an abnormality, but that's just me.
  • One reason I hate it, you will have to be away from people you grew up with, people you finally accept, travelling makes you distant from people you love, well in some cases you may leave with your loved ones, but not all your love ones go with you.
  • "I am glad." Lousia beams.
  • "Mom, I have processed my transfer paper. I will be schooling here from now on." I told her, I was no longer planning on going back, it was lonely over there and I only had to stay because there was a bit of a situation.
  • Lousia flashed me a bright smile. "I'm happy." She held my hands tenderly, it had been a while since she has touched me, well that was what being apart does. "I'm so happy Jeffrey, excessively."
  • I looked at my mother and then around the house that I had been away from for some years now. "It is good to be home again." I lean back on his chair and exhaled softly.
  • Then turning sharply to my mother , I remember I have forgotten to ask her something important. "Mom, have you settled all your business,all the business you came back ten years ago to do?"
  • Louisa who had gone with me to California, decided to come back ten years ago because there were a few problems in our family business that she had to solve. She said it would be for a few months, but unfortunately, the problem lasted for ten years.
  • "Yes, I have." Lousia smiles softly. "Now we can live in luxury as your father had wished," Louisa told me.
  • I looked at my mother whose eyes were lonely, my father had passed away 14 years ago and she had to come back to handle the family business. "You miss dad?" I said softly.
  • Of course, she misses him! My subconscious told me...
  • Louisa forced me to smile and look at me, I regret asking her that unreasonable question, I know she doesn't want to bring back painful memories, She was already happy that I was back now.
  • "I do, I believe he is in a better place now watching over us. I know he's sorry for leaving us, especially you at that your early age." Her voice was hoarse and it bears so much painful emotion.
  • "It is okay mom." I try to cheer her up. "Let's begin a fresh start now that everything is okay," I told her.
  • Lousia nods, she must know that I also miss his dad, I had cried a lot at that time, I was very close to him and his death happened so fast that I still can't understand. "I'll get you your lunch," Louisa told me as she got up from the sofa.
  • I smile broadly. "I can't wait to eat your meal again," I told her, I miss my mother's food especially her side dishes, that was one of the things that made me crave to come back.
  • Lousia looked at me with a grin. "Let me prepare the table then." She turned to go but, I miss her so much, I got up and hugged her back, as I close her eyes, it is so wonderful to be with her again. "I'm very happy to have you close," I sweetly whispered to her.
  • Lousia turned around and face me. "Me too, now go in and change, then come downstairs for your meal." She walked into the kitchen and I went upstairs to my room.
  • I opened the room door and a light fresh air welcomes me, I smile silly, I was finally back. I put down my bag and opened the curtains to let the sunray in, the window was facing the garden which I love so much.
  • I inhaled, this place has a lot of lovely memories, and a few sad ones too. I looked around the room, I had left this place in a hurry and everything seems to be how it had been, just that it was neatly arranged, I was glad this place wasn't redecorated, I usually love my things untouched.
  • I sat on the comfortable bed of my childhood days, touching the bed, it made me remember someone who might hate me all her life.
  • It made me sad, I gently moved close to my drawer. I opened the last one and in it were many precious items but the most precious one was a picture.
  • I picked up the picture from the drawer and touch the face of the little girl in the picture. Like I said, I had left in a hurry that I didn't take any pictures of her with me.
  • "I miss you," I said softly as I closed my eyes, multiple happy memories of my childhood days flashed in my head, echos of her laughter and smiles, it all came in rush.
  • I opened my eyes again, looking down at the picture and the pretty face. "I wonder if you're still here if I will ever find you." I felt so sad and my voice came out hoarse, and it was even unfamiliar to me. "I'm so sorry Cindy White ."