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Chapter 7 Mr Lu's Taste Is Still The Same

  • Lu Xiuran was standing in front of the full-length mirror. He straightened the collar and rolled up his sleeves while ordering her in a lazy voice.
  • In the past, Gu Annuan would just ignore him. But since she was in a hurry to attend the charity dinner and didn't want to waste time quarreling with him, she opened his closet and chose the tie with the simplest design among his collection.
  • Lu Xiuran narrowed his eyes. There was still a hint of a smile on his face as he stretched his arms open to let her put it around him.
  • He was extremely tall and purposely lowered himself, but Gu Annuan still had to stand on tiptoes to help him put on the tie. Her nose nearly touched his jaw.
  • The smile on Lu Xiuran's face was still there. Anyone watching them would think that they were a loving couple.
  • After Gu Annuan was done, she stepped back anxiously.
  • “Looks great.”
  • Lu Xiuran looked at his reflection in the mirror and chuckled, “Nuan, you're talented in fashion. If you hadn't changed your major back then, you'd be a famous designer by now.”
  • A shiver swept through Gu Annuan's body. She looked calm but something flashed across her face. Lu Xiuran managed to stab her heart with just a few words.
  • “Your taste is still the same, Mr. Lu.”
  • Bo Wan was a famous designer in Milan. Most importantly, she was Lu Xiuran's unforgettable first love.
  • Funnily enough, they were classmates back in university. Bo Wan's designs were always placed second as the first place always belonged to Gu Annuan.
  • Her famous embroidery work, “The End of Spring”, won the first prize of an international design contest.
  • Everyone in Jin City University thought Gu Annuan would leave the country and become the most famous Chinese designer worldwide, but in her second year, she changed her major to finance abruptly. From that day onward, she was no longer a designer.
  • No one knew why she did that.
  • Gu Annuan could feel her eyes pricking as if sand had gotten into her eyes. She turned and headed for the door.
  • “Tonight, officials from our district will be there too. We haven't made a decision about the land in the south of the city, so I might be late. Be careful. You can ask Li to drive you since I won't be free.”
  • Lu Xiuran opened the closet while he was talking and saw a box that had moved from its position in the corner. The smile that was at the corner of his mouth disappeared instantly.
  • He chose a watch from his collection with a cold look on his face. The folder that was in his hands was thrown right beside the box before he shut the closet door with a loud bang.
  • Downstairs in the living room.
  • Lu Jiayi was eating fruits when Lu Xiuran came down. She frowned and immediately complained, “Xiuran, did she lose her temper at you again? I saw her going out in a huff. She ignored me when I called her...”
  • Lu Xiuran frowned and went out without another word.
  • “Eh? Hey, why are you ignoring me too? Xiuran...” Lu Jiayi was a little short of money recently. She had been waiting in the living room for almost an hour, planning to get some pocket money from her brother and sister-in-law, but her plan failed.
  • Lu Jiayi was throwing away the fruit peel in her hands when her phone began ringing.
  • “Ms. Lu, do you still want the product? Didn't you say it was for Liang's birthday present? If you're not paying for it, then I'll take it.”
  • “No, no!” Lu Jiayi frowned and glanced at the empty stairways. Her gaze trailed to the empty master bedroom on the second floor. “Of course, I want it! I'll pay no matter how expensive it is!”