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Chapter 14 I Will Hang Up If You Kneel Down

  • Li Yunsuo was dumbfounded.
  • Shen Yue hurried over and handed the phone to Fu Siye. “Mr. Fu, Mr. Qin is on the phone.”
  • Fu Siye took over the phone and put it to his ear. He started talking to the person lazily, “Hello, Mr. Qin. No, it's not an urgent matter. I happened to meet Mr. Li in Jin City and we mentioned about you. How are you?”
  • “You're too kind, Mr. Qin. Of course, I'll visit you.”
  • “...”
  • Fu Siye calmly chatted with the man on the phone as if it was a relative whom he hadn't met for a while.
  • Gu Annuan was still locked in Fu Siye's arms. Fu Siye would glance at Li Yunsuo every now and then, who appeared petrified with fear.
  • “Mr. Fu, you're a kind man. I'm terribly wrong, please kindly forgive me for my wrongdoings this time!” Li Yunsuo was already sweating nervously.
  • However, Fu Siye just wouldn't hang up. He gave Li Yunsuo a look and the arm he had around Gu Annuan gestured to the floor. It was as if he was saying: I'll hang up if you kneel down.
  • “Okay! I'll kneel down! I'll kneel this instant! Please forgive me!” Li Yunsuo had to bet his political future on his knees. His stiff body shifted position and plonked down on the floor in front of Gu Annuan, like a statue that had broken into half.
  • The man was the deputy director of the procuratorate! But now his image was ruined completely.
  • The guests were stunned by the sudden change in events.
  • “Nuan, forgive me! I was foolish enough to look down on you. I don't know any better, and I'm a terrible man. I shouldn't be so heartless and add insult to your injury. You're a wonderful lady. Please forgive my wrongdoings!” Li Yunsuo's face crumpled in despair, “Since you're close to Mr. Fu, please help me convince him to hang up and forget what happened tonight! I'm begging you, please!”
  • “What about my father's case?” Gu Annuan couldn't be bothered about Li Yunsuo's future. She was only concerned about her father's case and her family's future.
  • “Your father's case is a serious matter. I don't call the shots. But if the case is handed to me, I promise I'll handle it impartially!” Li Yunsuo was pale and about to grovel in front of Gu Annuan.
  • “I hope you'll keep your word.” Gu Annuan bit her lips. She turned to glance at Fu Siye, “Ye...”
  • She opened her lips but had no idea how to ask him to hang up. Luckily Fu Siye didn't make it difficult for her. He politely said, “Goodbye, Mr. Qin.” before hanging up immediately.
  • Li Yunsuo was still groveling. Gu Annuan felt a strong force leading her away. When she turned, Fu Siye was already leading her up the stairway.
  • “Mr. Fu, how are you related to Mrs. Lu? It has been rumored that Mr. and Mrs. Lu are an estranged couple. Did they get a divorce secretly?”
  • “Mrs. Lu, did you and Mr. Lu hide the fact of your divorce to prevent affecting the share prices of Lu Group?”
  • “Mr. Fu, are you in a relationship with Ms. Gu?”
  • “Mr. Fu, is Ms. Gu here as your date?”
  • “...”
  • The reporters swarmed around them, anxious for every morsel of gossip. They trapped Gu Annuan and Fu Siye in the middle of the escalator.
  • Gu Annuan wanted to explain. But she knew that if she was the one who did the explanation, it would be as good as admitting that the invitation was indeed stolen.
  • She frowned and gazed at the man standing beside her. Coincidentally, he was also doing the same and looked right back at her. His warm and calm gaze saw right through her mind. Gu Annuan's heart tightened in panic.
  • “I'm afraid you are mistaken. Ye's date is me. We're currently in a relationship.”