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Chapter 88 A Talk

  • Just like Hayden had promised, he got off work early in the afternoon and drove me to the hospital to visit my grandmother. The hospital staff were gracious enough to keep me informed daily of my grandmother’s condition. Thankfully, she was stable. That said, it wasn’t like her condition had improved. At this point, I guessed that I should be thankful that her condition didn’t get worse. 
  • “You want to get her something before we go up?” Hayden asked, catching me a little off guard. 
  • Now that he mentioned it, maybe some fruits would be good? 
  • “Maybe some fruits? I think there’s a store over there that has some,” I replied, pointing a finger in the direction of the store. 
  • “Let’s go,” Hayden said before reaching for my hand. 
  • He held my hand as we walked towards the store. I couldn’t help but feel conscious of his warm hand holding mine. Hayden’s been holding my hand most of the time if not all the time now when we were together and, surprisingly, I didn’t hate it. 
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