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Chapter 190 I'm Not Your Daughter

  • Indeed, Christopher genuinely wanted Margaret to give him a baby that belonged to the two of them. He had felt guilty when she cried and told him that Megan had caused the death of their baby. That was their baby, yet he still suspected it.
  • At the mention of a baby, Margaret's face darkened. She went under the blanket and turned her back against Christopher in silence.
  • However, Christopher assumed that she was expressing her dissatisfaction through her actions. Hence, he smiled. “I'll let you go back to work after a week, okay? Don't sleep right after you finish your meal. Have some walk. You're getting chubby.”
  • Upon hearing the sound of the door being closed, Margaret got out of the bed and weighed herself. Did I get chubbier? That's not true! In fact, she had become skinnier than before she got pregnant. After going through all the physical and mental trauma, there was no way she could gain any weight.
  • Margaret had kept herself disciplined in her daily routine for the next week so that she could return to her work. Even her mental state had improved. Regardless of what she did, she had gotten rid of Megan, that troublemaker. Margaret was the winner ultimately. Unbothered by others' opinions, she was determined to live her life fully when people wanted to see her in misery.
  • At last, a week had passed. Margaret was so excited that she could not get herself to sleep the night before. Hence, she texted Jodie and chatted with her until late at night. In the end, they both agreed to hire someone to investigate Xenos. Of course, Margaret paid for it with Christopher's card. After all, she did not have so much money.
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