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Love, Guns, And Everything In Between

Love, Guns, And Everything In Between


Last update: 1970-01-01

Chapter 1 Peerless

  • Tokyo, Japan.
  • Amidst the bustling sounds of the Japanese marketplace and the loads of people who were active there despite it being late in the night already, Tate's pained groans as he ran away from his attacker were drowned out.
  • He kept running, maneuvering his way through the crowd but he was getting slower and slower as the bullet wound he was still applying pressure on oozed out more and more blood.
  • Even though he was getting closer and closer to death's doorstep, he couldn't help but laugh slightly when he thought about what brought him to this point.
  • He had wanted to meet up with his girlfriend outside the abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of town.
  • His plan was for both of them to experience a few moments of tranquility before he popped the question.
  • Tate was already brandishing the ring box in his grasp as he awaited her arrival when he suddenly heard faint sounds coming from inside the warehouse.
  • He ignored them since he thought that it could just be rats and other small creatures. It was an old building after all.
  • A few moments later, his girlfriend arrived.
  • After exchanging a kiss, they both prepared to leave when multiple men came out of the warehouse. It was dark so he couldn't see their facial features.
  • Tate immediately went on guard when he saw them and quickly stood in front of his girlfriend.
  • However, the men remained silent and just watched them.
  • "Should I take care of them?", One of the men asked the one at the lead.
  • "Don't worry, I got this one.", The man at the lead took off his jacket and collected a katana from another one of the men, and began to walk towards them.
  • As the man walked closer, the faint moonlight was able to dimly illuminate his facial features. It was then that Tate recognized who this person was.
  • Although he had never met this person before, he was someone who everyone in the world knew. He was a public figure.
  • It was none other than one of the most influential men in the world, Kelvin J. Gregory!
  • But what was he doing in a run-down place like this? More importantly, why was he walking towards them with a katana in hand and also with that nonchalant facial expression?
  • "Stay still.", Kelvin uttered as he got close to them.
  • 'Huh?'
  • Tate was quite confused until he saw Kelvin raise the katana and swing sideways!
  • He immediately ducked and managed to avoid the sword but that simple action was going to be one that came with an immense amount of pain, regret... and sadness.
  • Although he had saved his own life, it wasn't until he heard a thudding sound coming from behind him did he remember that he had been shielding his girlfriend.
  • He quickly turned, still in his crouching position, to see his girlfriend's body on the ground and her head a few meters away from it!
  • His gaze locked with that of the detached head and he immediately felt a strong feeling of nausea but when he saw the look of confusion in her eyes, the last emotion she had ever felt, that feeling was quickly kicked out by the feelings of pain and regret.
  • PHINK!
  • Tate suddenly felt something cold penetrate his right chest area. He turned and saw that Kelvin had stabbed him!
  • Kelvin pulled out the sword and swung it to his side in one quick motion and the blood on it flew out.
  • There was a brief moment of silence as Tate's thought process came to terms with what was going on.
  • Just as he noticed that Kelvin was about to finish the job, something clicked in Tate's head and before he even knew what was going on, he was already running towards his car that was some distance away!
  • He quickly ran into his car and turned it on before zooming towards the city.
  • Tate's breathing was erratic and he couldn't feel the stab wound on his chest anymore but he knew that it was just the adrenaline. Once that died down, he would be in a world of pain.
  • He looked back to check if he was being chased and unsurprisingly, there was a large black SUV on his tail.
  • Without wasting any time, he pressed down on the accelerator and he was beginning to lose them.
  • After speeding for about three minutes, he immediately felt a sharp pain that wracked his body and almost made him sway off the road.
  • He looked at his chest and saw that his shirt had been soaked with blood! He quickly opened his dashboard cabinet and pulled out a cloth which he used to apply pressure on the wound using his left hand with his right hand still on the steering.
  • The road was beginning to duplicate in his eyes. He was getting dizzy from losing too much blood but he remained steadfast to make sure he got away from his attacker.
  • Just as he saw the signboard by the side of the road indicating that he was about half a kilometer out of town, the worst thing that could happen to him at this moment did.
  • The little joy he had experienced had been cut short quickly when he heard the engine spluttering and the car was beginning to slow down.
  • "No no no!", Tate groaned as the car finally came to a stop.
  • He quickly got out of the car to proceed on foot, despite the pain and dizziness that made it hard to even move.
  • Tate knew he couldn't stop.
  • His attackers might still be behind him and if he wanted to live then he had to get to a hospital quickly.
  • After walking for quite some time, Tate arrived at the marketplace. Right past it was the hospital, all he just had to do was just take a turn now through that alleyway that was in sight.
  • Tate walked into the alleyway and right in front of him, a few meters away, was the hospital!
  • He immediately increased his pace as his body gained some newfound energy.
  • Just as he was about to exit the alleyway, he saw Kelvin standing at the exit! He tried to take some steps back but the next thing he saw was Kelvin swinging the katana in his grasp!
  • At first, there was no pain until Tate noticed that something was missing. He looked to his left and saw that his left arm was squirming on the ground!
  • It was then that blood began to gush out from his left shoulder and the pain finally settled in.
  • He was about to scream but Kelvin punched him hard and he dropped to the floor, stopping his scream before it even began.
  • Tate grabbed his armless shoulder and started to retreat amidst his pained groans by dragging his body across the floor.
  • "Please, don't kill me.", Tate begged when he noticed he wasn't getting anywhere.
  • "Unfortunately I can't do that. You just witness official business that shouldn't be viewed by the public's eyes.", Kelvin responded as he stood over him.
  • "I didn't see anything, I swear!", Tate tried to explain.
  • "It doesn't matter.", Kelvin said as he swung the katana's blade across Tate's neck.
  • With widened eyes, Tate grabbed his neck as he gazed at Kelvin before life finally left his body and he laid limp on the hard cold ground underneath the night sky.
  • Kelvin's phone vibrated in his pocket and he picked it up to see that he was getting a call.
  • "Yo.", Kelvin said as he answered the call.
  • "Are you done?", A voice sounded from the phone.
  • "Yes I am, I'll meet up with you guys in a few.", Kelvin responded.
  • "I still think you should've left this to us.", The voice said.
  • "Where's the fun in that?", Kelvin laughed, "Tell the cleanup team to handle this. I'll see you at the airport."
  • Kelvin then ended the call and took one last look at the dead body on the ground before walking away.
  • "I really should be doing this more.", Kelvin muttered.