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Chapter 5

  • Dayout at the playground
  • Lily
  • I felt a sharp wave of annoyance, wondering why this man always gets me so angry, everything about him felt wrong. How dare he answer me in such a way? Can't he see that I'm here because of Jacek?
  • "My being here is justified because I'm only here for Jacek," I said, rolling my eyes "and I don't see any child around you, permitting you to be here" my free hand motioning around, to show there's no child around him.
  • I notice the grin on his face turn to a frown and I could tell he was about to blast me with all he got.
  • "Nice! I can see you plan to keep getting me angry at every instance?" He fired back as I looked at him scornfully. "I can't..." A lady was walking up to meet him, she had quite the eye for good fashion. She had a cropped top on, with a dungaree with a pair of boots. Her hair was long, silky and brown. Her legs were shaved, obvious she was ready for some action. She walked towards us like someone prepared for war, interrupting Cayden's about-to-be angered speech.
  • There was an awkward silence that followed but the lady looked at me like she was about to bore holes in my body. Jacek starts crying.
  • "Shhhhhhh candy" I try to make soothing sounds with my mouth to calm Jacek
  • "Hey girl, I've been seeing you talking and flirting with my date and I gotta tell you to back off!" She said rudely, with her fist almost in my face.
  • I from Cayden to the girl, Cayden also looked at her in shock. I patted Jacek and he cooled, then walked away.
  • I could tell there was a heated argument happening as I left. I've not felt this embarrassed in a while. I kept reliving what just happened in my head, the disrespect all because of this rude guy I keep bumping into...
  • "Lily!" My thoughts were intercepted by Cayden's voice, calling out my name. So he knows my name now...
  • "Lily!!" He called out again because I refused to turn back the first time... I still didn't turn. I felt a bit of anger for him because this wouldn't have happened if I'm not always seeing him wherever I go...
  • "Lily," He says amidst heavy breaths, finally catching up with me "I'm so sorry about that, I didn't know that'll happen. I spoke to her already." What?!?! Did he just apologize? He's capable of doing that? I'm amazed! I didn't say a word to him, I just needed the silence. He followed me to the rollercoaster; I tried to pay for myself and Jacek but the attendant didn't allow me, saying I'm way above age. Jacek starts crying.
  • Can this day get any worse? Can't this attendant see I'm doing this because of my child? Ugh! What do I do now? I try patting him but it doesn't work.
  • Cayden immediately comes to the rescue by carrying Jacek and he shuts up immediately. I wonder what charm this man has over my child. I felt relief but I'm not thanking him; I won't let him have it. Felt good to be free from carrying Jacek for a while. He played with Jacek for a while, almost forgetting the fact that I was there.
  • "Who's a big boy??" He says tickling Jacek, who's laughing uncontrollably in his cute baby voice.
  • "Wanna go for a ride in a carousel? It's gonna be pretty fun! And there are other children there too; I will be there too, so you won't be alone" There was a lively spark in Cayden's eyes, he was so good with children, I wonder where he got that from. I'll admit to myself; having him around isn't so bad after all but I still won't thank him.
  • We all walk over to the carousel and got tickets to ride. I sat behind Jacek and Cayden sat behind us.
  • I stared at other families riding the carousel, they looked so happy. I longed for that. A particular man was standing and cheering his child from outside the carousel, he looked so proud at her and she was so happy, with laughter that came out from the abundance of her heart! I wish all men could be like that; very responsible.
  • I don't really regret anything because I wouldn't have had this beautiful child with the best pastry shop in Nedford. It was a dream come true.
  • I felt a bit uneasy with Cayden behind me, I wondered if he was staring at my hair or my back or the back of my neck... Why am I even concerned? I don't know why I started feeling shy all of a sudden. I wish he sat in front, now I can't wait for the ride to end!
  • I tried to hold on to Jacek just for safety reasons, can't imagine him falling off and it also kept me busy from thinking about what Cayden's thoughts were at the moment.
  • Was a silent ride and I'm sure he was trying to start up a conversation.
  • "I'm going to be staying in Nedford throughout the week.." I put on a confused face, like I don't need this detail because what's my business? "... So I'll be coming over to the shop to see Jacek as often as I can, whether you like it or not" My fist tightened and released. Did he just say that?
  • "That's my child we're talking about here. You can't just show up to my workplace and take him like you're a friend or better. You're just a customer and I don't consider you a friend. So please, stay away from my son!" I get up immediately the carousel starts moving, carrying Jacek and starts walking away.
  • "Mum, why are we going so soon?" I don't answer him
  • "let me say goodbye to Cayden" "uncle Cayden!"
  • "Stop that Jacek! Let's go" Jacek frowns and keeps quiet.