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Chapter 10

  • Business first
  • Cayden
  • "Walk with me Cayden" Steve gestures to a hallway that with a few steps soon leads to a large garden area. It was a magnificently pampered garden, motiffed with different species of flowers, plants and trees that were certainly not from this part of the world. I knew this because he had keenly spotted a garden heliotrope; a flower he cloyingly admired on one of his many trips around the world, the Caribbeans to be specific. Steve had successfully created a whole new ecosystem behind his compound that could almost pass for a glance at heaven and Cayden was impressed. Although I had been to Steve's lake side villa many times before, he had never been to this section of the compound and except for the now unfolding event, nothing was going to bring him here again. Only private business meetings and diners brought Cayden to the villa, thus his bemusement for being summoned without an official engagement as its reason.
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