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Love And Crosses: What The Heart Wants

Love And Crosses: What The Heart Wants


Last update: 1970-01-01

Chapter 1 The Offer

  • The feeling of waking up on Monday mornings can be very traumatizing. Riele thought as she got up from bed. Life has decided to cheat on her over everything. Her mom is being hospitalized after the incident that happened a few years ago. All she has now is her younger brother- Harry. A ten-year-old vibrant boy with glowing bronze eyes and shiny black hair that was believed he got from his dad. Riele never really knew who her father was or what he looks like. Her mom-Esmeralda had been the one taking care of them. Anytime Riele brings out the topic of her dad, her mom always dodges the topic and she didn't understand why. But she didn't mind because Esmeralda made sure her children weren't lacking anything at all.
  • Riele checked her time, it was just seven- forty-five which means she has fifteen minutes to prepare herself for work, or the company bus would go without her. She entered the bathroom, did all she needed to, and for the next ten minutes, she was out. She opened her wardrobe and she scanned through all the clothes she has.
  • "I do need to go shopping". she said as she took out a blue crop top with black-tummy trousers. "When you work in a modeling industry, you've got to show it". she quickly put her clothes on, brushed her wavy dark brown hair which she packed up in a ponytail, and wore her favorite moon-star-shaped necklace. Glancing one more time at the mirror, she looked good to go. She brought out her blue canvas and wore it.
  • She was admiring herself when the company horn beeped. Picking up her bag and trying to remember if she isn't forgetting anything, she went out of the house, locked the door, and entered the bus.
  • "Good morning Mr. Anderson." she greeted the bus driver who returned her greeting with a smile.
  • Since she was the first on the bus, she took her seat on the second seat by the right close to the window. Riele is someone who loves watching the movement of things when the car is moving.
  • "How is Esmeralda?". Mr. Anderson asked as he started the engine and drove to the next house.
  • "Same old story". Riele answered trying not to feel the effect on her mother.
  • "and Harry?".
  • "He's having a sleepover at his friend's place should be back by this time next week". She answered.
  • The bus stopped at different stations as more company workers entered the bus. Riele was the kind of person who kept to herself so she didn't talk to most of them but she has a female bestie who means the world to her.
  • Checking her phone for any updates, a text came in from Charlotte- Charlotte. Riele opened the message.
  • Charlotte
  • Where the heaven are you? Don't tell me you overslept and forgot what day it is.
  • "Calm your bowels down! I'll be there before you even say the word Abracadabra". Riele pressed the sent icon as she kept her phone aside to enjoy the rest of the ride.
  • Thirty minutes ride and Riele was almost dozing off even though she slept early yesterday.
  • "Didn't have much sleep last night?". A guy(Allen) asked as he tapped her shoulder.
  • "She was probably having a nightmare of being chased by crocodiles". A girl (Madison) said as she waited for Riele to get off the bus.
  • "Ah ah! Very funny!". Riele said as she got off the bus and waved to the two people she just had a conversation with.
  • Walking to the company, Riele's countenance fell but she didn't understand why. She became sad all of a sudden. Entering the elevator which she was thankful was empty, she pressed the number 3 button on the elevator keypad since her office was on the third floor.
  • Waiting patiently for the elevator to make that clicking sound, the elevator door opened and she came out only for her to find her bestie in the whole world right in front of her with her arms folded across her chest.
  • "Took you long enough". Charlotte said as Riele hugged her which of course she returned gladly. "guess what". Charlotte said.
  • "You know I suck at that".Riele told her almost whining as she went to her seat. Charlotte dragged her chair closer to Riele who was setting her table.
  • "Guess who is retiring?". She asked.
  • Riele stopped what she was doing as she glanced at her friend who seems happy about this whole thing.
  • "Blow me away". Riele said waiting to be stunned.
  • "Mr. Owen".
  • "What?".
  • Mr. Owen is the CEO of the company but he was a transferee. Talk about a man in his latest fifties who can dress a monkey to look beautiful. This man has that gift.
  • "Why is he retiring?". Riele asked.
  • "He is old?". Charlotte said as she pushed her chair back to her desk.
  • Riele didn't know whether to be sad or happy but if the man is happy about leaving then she should be happy about it too.
  • "Riele Grants!". A voice called.
  • "Talk about the devil". Charlotte whispered loud enough for Riele to hear.
  • "Miss Grants!". He called again making Riele almost jump up from her seat.
  • "Yes, I'm here". She said raising her hand for identification.
  • "Good thing you are here". Mr. Owen said as Riele looked at Charlotte who was also looking at her. "I need you in my office". The man said before moving away. As if sensing he wasn't following, he yelled. "Now!". That was enough to get Riele moving.
  • "Please take your seat". The man gestured as he pointed to a seat in front of him. He sat facing her. "I know you might be wondering why I called you". He started. "The thing is I am an old man and I need to leave this company so that I can rest and have another person who is vibrant take the position".
  • "But what does that have to do with me?". Riele asked not understanding why his retirement and the new CEO have to involve her.
  • "That's where you come in as the personal assistant of the new CEO". He announced with a smile on his face expecting to see a happy Riele but her reaction threw him off.
  • "What?".
  • "We have checked and cross-checked and it's proven that you're the lady for the job. You will be a Personal Assistant to the world's best model. I also heard that he is a member of a boyband in New York City, what's there not to like?". The man said crossing his arms across his chest as he stared at the shocked Riele.
  • "Don't I at least have a say on this?".
  • "No. It's been settled".
  • "This is so not fair. What if I don't like him? Or what if I don't like the idea of working with him?". she asked almost biting her nails off. It's a sign that she is nervous. "Or what if he doesn't like the idea that I talk too much? Or what if he gets angry because I bite my nails". She argued
  • "No one likes it when you do that". Mr. Owen said as he handed her a file.
  • "That's his file". Riele collected it as she flip the pages over.
  • Mr. Owen stood up and was about to leave when he remembered something. "And you will be picking him up at the airport. Make sure nothing happens to him". Before Riele could complain, the man had already left the office.
  • Riele sunk to her seat as she went through the file given to her. She will be picking up the new CEO tomorrow around two in the afternoon. "Kim Huxley." She reads as she closed the file, resting her head on the table as she imagined what the future had installed like for her and if she was ready to face it.