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Chapter 8 His Seed Of Life

  • Ahh such sweet voice. He definitely wanted for her to shout his name, but of course not like this... He watched her wriggle out of her maid’s hold. He watched her face contort into panic. He watched her eyes stream down with tears for him... only for him.
  • Such a naive little human she is. He was a creature of the dark. Just like her pet snake, he doesn’t deserve any care... any affection... any sympathy. He doesn’t deserve to be cried over. He doesn’t even deserve to live. He, of course, contemplated on dying a lot of times, almost thinking of doing what Kamikaze fighters do best -- go on suicide -- but why was it that the only thing he wanted now was to live? To live mainly for her?
  • “Milady! Please! Stay! That demon is dangerous!” Mrs. Latrine requested vehemently as Selene continued on thrashing about. She remembered him telling her that the divine power was the only thing that can cease his existence. Judging from the swirling electricity around him, this was definitely it.
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