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Chapter 5 - Can't Get Enough

  • “No. No! Khail!!!”
  • His lips launched into her open mouth again, ravaging the soft cavern with his warm, slithering tongue. It was after a full minute when he withdrew, almost suffocating her.
  • She screamed for help even if she knew there was no one that could actually hear her from this part of the house. She realized for the first time, why did she choose this odd room in the first place?!
  • “Cry. Scream for help. Shout out loud. I actually want to hear your frightened voice, they are music in my ears, but I want to hear your moans more, Selene. Yield to me,” he ordered into her ear as he pressed his weight more on her. He then continued where he left off and sucked her breasts like a hungry man.
  • “Ahhh!” she gasped, and yes, the emotion was once again disgust and pleasure combined.
  • With his powers, he numbed her arms into place and then guided his now free hands to where he could pleasure her more. In her womanhood.
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