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Chapter 10 Right Here In Your Arms

  • The crescent moon and the Venus star finally aligned the next night and with that, the demon mark became active once more, back to its hundred percent capacity. Khronus was waiting for that to happen all this time. He has been patiently waiting for it for a thousand years in Hell. Due to the divine electricity, his life force and energy was all sucked up, needing the same amount of years to recuperate. Now that everything was in order, he was just waiting in his throne in the Amaranthx Castle for Aurora to arrive; the Aurora that was being possessed by the demon mark.
  • Itchy was his hands to be reunited with his demon powers once again and itchy was his hands too to possess the woman who has the essence of Selene.
  • There were three things he aimed to do the moment his powers will return. First was to travel back in the past to see the real Selene again and give her the loving that she greatly deserved. His heart had been yearning for her for all this time and it was sorely tormenting him. Second was clearly to kill the old exorcist priest who was a threat to his existence, and the third was to find out who the traitor demon was. It didn’t sit him well that there was actually a bold demon that had been planning his demise all along.
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