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Chapter 84 Intermission

  • (Intermission)
  • One year after Omar was sent to prison for Terrorism, Murder, robbery and Drug case, he and his brother (Farouq) including their loyal flank(Victor) were all serving their sentence without problem, they can't do anything funny because the prison that they are is not a place to act rogue.
  • Meanwhile during the time, many water had pass under the bridge, many things happen. First Jacob acquire Hades and Celeb club house back to his control. Jacob changed the name of Hades to Paradise, then he stopped all form of illegal activities going on, he stopped all the Drugs Sales and Prostitution, he then introduce a new form of business, Gambling, Casinos and Clubbing are few things he introduced.
  • After he was done with Paradise cleaning, he turned to Celeb Club House, he changed the name to Heart of Mary, though all thing going on the club continued, but he did stopped few things, like the wild and Intense sex that occurred everywhere around the club house, he also introduce Casinos to the Club House.
  • With the new development, the Shareholders of the Club House became angry, because all what Jacob stopped is the main source of income for them, but they dare not voice out their aggression, because Jacob owns almost Ninety Percent of the shares in the Clubhouse. Though they can’t talk, still they wish Luke still remained the CEO of the Clubhouse, some even began to make plans on how to bring Luke back.
  • When both Paradise and Heart of Mary is now in full swing. Jacob shut down the two business enterprise, he ordered everybody to travel and come back a month after. Without delay preparation are made, Alex and Lillian take their own travel far to Australia, Zhang just returned back to his mother land(China), Alexis who is already having a soft spot for Tommy decide to go with him to anywhere he goes to, Tommy don't want to travel, so he and Alexis spent the vacation at Tahit City, but they lived in Tommy Ship for the whole month, only to have fun around during the day.
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