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Living Donor:The Billionaire's Heir

Living Donor:The Billionaire's Heir


Update: 2022-12-26

Chapter 1

  • Under a clear blue sky dotted with white clouds, an exquisite three story building nestled just beside a massive old tree with its widespread canopy casting down a warm shadow below. The leaves swayed in the light wind, peeking at the huge sign; Elite Kiddies Lounge, a colourful classroom. The preschoolers giggled and hopped around a young teacher who wore a huge bright smile.
  • "Nana…"
  • In the massive classroom, a chubby dark haired boy muttered as his little face crumpled in pain. He doubled over, then crept towards a square table littered with crayons and little easels sitting on it. Small canvases were strewn about.
  • "I want… I want my Nana now…" The little boy clutched his chest.
  • Sweat glistened on his glossy skin reflecting the excruciating pain gathered internally.
  • The blonde haired teacher in a jean and blouse, spotted the little boy twisting on a chair, still clutching his chest. Her smiles fell and crashed. The other children stepped away, wide eyed as the young teacher rose abruptly and dashed towards the boy, staring at him as if looking at her death day.
  • "King? What is it, darling?" With grave fear swimming in her eyes, the teacher's shaky hand touched the boy's soft cheek. She yanked her hand away. "Oh my God!" Her eyes flew open. "No, no, no, you're burning up, King!"
  • As the teacher cried out in horror, King slumped on the table, his little body lay still.
  • Silence flooded the classroom. Few moments later, teachers rushed in, freezing with their mouths hanging loosely as their wide eyes perched on King's body.
  • The children trembled at the frightening sight of the frozen teachers and the unmoving King.
  • ******
  • Elsewhere in a grand office with files and sheets of paper strewn around, clothes heaped beside a daybed. Moving the view up, an athletic man pinned a grinning red haired girl beneath him while his mouth alternatively sucked her erect nipples, sweeping his tongue around as he sucked hard.
  • They drew in heavy breaths, filling the room with soft and rough moans as it got hotter.
  • The man wearing a wet, messy, dark hair, reached for his erection and spread the girl's legs wide, ready to sink into her hole. He paused hesitatingly when his phone rang.
  • "Who the fuck calls my personal line at this hour!? I'm gonna send someone to hell!" His face contorted with rage.
  • Glancing down at the girl biting her lower lip, he grunted, peeling his skin off her body. Without looking at the lit screen, he grabbed the phone on the office desk, then answered, pouring his raw, deep voice on the caller. "Whoever the fucking hell you are, this better be fucking reasonable or you'll regret ever dialing this number!"
  • From the other line, a panicked male voice swam in. "I'm sorry for disturbing your important day, sir."
  • "Who the fuck is this? Speak and stop stalling!"
  • "This is…this is doctor Smith, sir." He stuttered, unable to swallow the fear oozing out. "I couldn't reach you on your other line, so I…"
  • As the familiar voice resounded, he rose from the edge of the daybed. Creases formed on his forehead. He pressed the phone tightly to his ear as if frozen.
  • The red haired girl took poone at the furious man, then gingerly gathered her clothes. In a flash, she fled the large office.
  • "Little King was brought in by the head teacher, Mr. Blakes."
  • "What did they do to him?"
  • "He wasn't…um, sir, please we'll need you to come in so he…I mean little King–"
  • "If a strand of my son's hair falls off from that head…" He paused, inviting a dark smirk across his lips. "I'm pretty sure you all can put that puzzle together." He slammed the face of the phone on the desk, cracking its fragile surface.
  • Exhaling sharply, he hurriedly cladded his firm body with a fresh crispy suit, then stormed out.
  • ******