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Letting the Odds Win

Letting the Odds Win


Update: 2020-09-22


  • A couple had let the odd win as them staying together was the odd thing and it is not because they want to but because they are tired. For how much longer would two people try to fight the odds without the help from outside?
  • And hence the failure resulting in separation. If the odds are that powerful then what if them getting back together is odd this time? Well, let's see if this time odds will win or not.
  • -------------
  • "Sha!" he whispered entering the cabin, but she didn't look up.
  • "Yes?" she asked in a normal voice.
  • "Sha! How are you? I have been going..." he couldn't finish when she lifted her head to stare at him.
  • "I am here working, Mr. Kolgha. I don't want you blaming me if something wrong goes with that also." She commented making him flinch and she flinched inside.
  • She decided not to be bitter then why is she doing this? She thought taking a deep breath while he composed himself.
  • "I don't want to work here, but like you reminded me in the phone call, this is my duty according to the contract and that is for next one year. Let's just ignore everything and concentrate on our work." She suggested and even passed a smile.
  • "Sha!" he whispered, walking near to her table, but she shook her head.
  • "It's all in the past and call me Anusha or Ms. Bindla." She suggested but he shook his head.
  • "We need to talk, Sha... Anusha." He said to which she sighed rubbing her forehead.
  • "Satvik! I actually don't blame you for what you did. I mean for the way I ruined your life, what you did was so simple." She said looking at him.
  • "What are you saying, Anusha?" he asked, frowning with a confused look.
  • "I was behind you to have our dating life more public when you were not comfortable. Hell! I forced you to marry me, didn't I? No wonder you threw me out of your home." She replied, trying to control the tears.
  • "Don't! Don't say such lies. It was never like that. I was..." he couldn't finish when she suddenly stood up.
  • "If I shouldn't say such things then don't give me a reason to. Don't bring our past anymore near me otherwise, I will dissect it as I wish. Now, if you can excuse me, I need to work and finish even the work for the time I was on leave too." She said gesturing the door to him.
  • But he just stood there looking at her in shock while she stared at the door and when he finally started walking off, she calmly added, "I am not asking you to leave as a tit for tat for the way you showed me. Whatever I do or say would be a normal thing and nowhere near aimed to do anything with you. So, please take those thoughts out of your mind."
  • When the door closed, she fell back down on the chair, feeling the energy drained out with just five minutes. And she knows so well he thought she was taking some petty revenge when she showed the door.
  • What can she say that she too learned to understand what people are thinking or at least what he is thinking after living with him for all those months. This is going to be a long journey.