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Chapter 24

  • *Anusha Pov*
  • "Thank you!" I said, smiling at the person standing before me or at least tried to smile while my eyes kept on moving over each one to see whether he is here yet.
  • "Your partner is here." The person announced and I twirled around to see him walking near to us.
  • I know I am staring at him and people around us must be observing it too but I really want to know what happened before. What was so different with both of us that something like that happened?
  • He smiled at me before answering to the congratulations he is getting from the people and I wish I can remove that smile for making me this confused.
  • "Hey! Comeon, everyone! We all enjoyed this fest and now just dance away. The floor is looking too empty." Someone commented and that made everyone move towards it some in pairs and some just individuals.
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