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Chapter 12

  • *Anusha Pov*
  • "This one?" I asked showing him another suit but he shook his head making me groan.
  • "I shouldn't have asked your opinion at all." I mumbled, looking at all my suits which he didn't accept.
  • "I like you more in a Saree." His words reached me and I immediately turned to stare at him.
  • "I told you that I am not that comfortable in them as I literally never wore them before. And if I wear them to work, then I will be concentrating on my Saree than the work that I have to do. I even stopped wearing at home also but you didn't say anything." I mumbled frowning.
  • "I said that I like you, but I didn't say you have to. Now, just choose a color in which you feel comfortable." He said walking near to me and I smiled shaking my head.
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