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Kurt Collin: Sniper

Kurt Collin: Sniper

Midnight Snow

Update: 2022-12-29

Chapter 1

  • Mexico, 2014
  • "Alpha one, the target has been seen," Collin informs the troops.
  • They are on a mission to rescue the kidnapped victim, who is a tycoon.
  • Kurt Collin is the leader and sniper of the group, and this was his last mission before resigning.
  • "Eagle eye, are you leaving us after this mission?" One group asked Collin as he carefully ran closer to the target, and when he got close, he quickly stabbed the opponent in the neck.
  • Eagle eye, you're too young to resign. If you continue, you might get six stars. And this is our last mission in the desert. Our next task is in the city. He has added one of the group while peering at the opponent. He aimed his gun with a silencer and shot his target from the chest.
  • "The target is on the move, Alpha one. I want to finish this quietly," Collin ordered. While still peeking at his Nr.1 Barrett M82 rifle. He saw that the kidnapper's group was preparing to leave.
  • "Roger!" the whole troop replied to Collin.
  • And quickly, they moved smoothly and began to execute the plan.
  • The group holding knives quickly approached the opponent's back and promptly slit their throats.
  • One of the group quickly rushed to the front, with a knife he stabbed one of the opponents in the chest and back...
  • Collin immediately shot two of the opponents guarding the front of the building.
  • That's what I'm saying! When you resign, who will look behind me? " Leo, his partner, said. He was glancing at the bullet that hit the heads of the two opponents before quickly entering the building.
  • You know, being a marine is just my hobby. When I turn 30, I will be tied to our company. So I will dedicate the two years to enjoying my freedom. " Collin explained as he pulled the trigger. Those running out of the building were rapidly collapsing and lifeless.
  • Inside the building, a series of gunshots could be heard...
  • Eagle eye, they have a snipper. "Please say hello to me," one of Collin's men said. He was on the other side of the wall, hiding.
  • Collin quickly searched for the opponent's sniper, and he smiled when he saw the gun glow when the sunlight hit it. The opponent is at 1 kilometer, so he sets based on the wind. When Kurt was sure that the gun was set correctly, he fired immediately.
  • The bullet from his gun hit the eye of the opponent.
  • "I already sent your hello, and he accepts it with open eyes," he jokingly replied to his companion.
  • He looked back outside the building. He saw four armed men fleeing, and an old man was with them.
  • Kurt Collin immediately recognized the old man.
  • "The cargo is on the move. One of you came out of the building to pick him up, "Collin said, preparing his rifle."
  • His first target is the one holding the tycoon-billionaire. Collin aimed for the forehead, and in a second, it fell. The other was confused and looked for the one who shot. It didn't take long. One of them fell again, as before, with a bullet wound to the head. One of the rest approached and hid in the body of the Tycoon Billionaire, but he still did not escape Colin's bullet. It fell with a hit in the middle of the neck. The last of the kidnappers attempted to flee. Not far away, he immediately fell due to the bullet hit in the back of his head.
  • "One shot, one killed!" Kurt Collin said with a satisfying smile on his face.
  • When one of Collin's men arrived, he immediately looked at the condition of the Tycoon Billionaire.
  • "The cargo is in good condition, and we will proceed to the base." He quickly grabbed the old man and brought him to a safe place.
  • The encounter lasted a few more minutes before the opponent was finally wiped out.
  • Upon returning to base,
  • The tycoon immediately thanked them for rescuing him.
  • Since the mission was over, they simultaneously prepared to leave.
  • At the core of their service, the V-22 Osprey is a multi-engine, dual-piloted, self-deployable, medium-lift, vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) tilt-rotor aircraft designed for combat, combat support, combat service support, and for all of their missions worldwide. This is what they use.
  • Before you resign, let's go out for your farewell party first! Leo laughed.
  • "Sure! Set the date. And I still need to report. The General wants me in his office as soon as possible. " He told Leo his best friend.
  • When the plane took off, Collin immediately turned around...
  • He was thinking about what the General would say,... He didn't want to allow him to resign, but he couldn't do anything because he was afraid of Collin's father. The General's older brother is his father, a former 7-star general.
  • When Kurt Collin was a child, his father brought him to the base. At the age of 5, he is a sharpshooter and good at tactics as well as self-defense. (Black belt in all categories like taekwondo, judo, etc.)
  • He turned fifteen when Kurt decided to enter the marines...
  • First, he's been assigned to the tactical team when he turns 18. Kurt starts combat, assault, and special missions.
  • He doesn't do the usual things in the marines because he is still studying management.
  • He got the promotion because all his assignments were top secret and hard to accomplish.
  • Like him, his father resigned at the age of 30, and in the world of business, he dived and fought.
  • Only his uncle stayed in the service because his father took over all the business responsibilities.
  • Arriving in the city, Kurt immediately went home to his penthouse, at the top of a new building that they also owned.
  • He took the elevator to the very top, where his penthouse was.
  • Kurt immediately went straight to his room and took a quick shower.
  • He read first before deciding to go to sleep.