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Chapter 14 Suffocating

  • After a long day, Gillian Wesley was drained of strength. She took a shower, threw herself onto the bed, and fell asleep almost immediately.
  • She struggled to sleep soundly in the first half of the night. Perhaps it had something to do with it being the first time she spent a night in an unfamiliar place. While she was entranced, a tingling sensation on her lips woke her up.
  • Gillian jerked her eyes wide open and noticed a figure on top of her in the blackness. The man’s stocky physique pinned her down ruthlessly, making it difficult for her to breathe.
  • “Who are you?” Gillian questioned sharply.
  • The man said nothing in response. He continued his flurry of smooches from her neck down. The distinct curves of her slender neck were irresistible to any man… Like a wildfire out of control, he could not put a stop to his passionate kisses.
  • Gillian saw that he had no intention to slow down. She pressed her palms against his shoulders and kicked desperately with both legs in all directions. But her weak retaliation amounted to nothing against the powerful man.
  • The man suddenly raised his head to look at her, only to reveal a silver mask that stunned Gillian. It was the same mask of the man who brought her to the hospital during the rainy night earlier!
  • “You are…”
  • Before Gillian could finish the rest of her sentence, the man cupped his thick hand around her mouth, then pinned both her legs on the bed with one of his shins.
  • “Mhmm…”
  • Gillian shook her head profusely, attempting to escape from the man’s hand. She clutched the man’s palm with both hands to pry it off her mouth. However, it felt like a steel clamp pressing down on her lips. She had used everything she had, but to no avail.
  • When Gillian was out of options, the man flashed two ropes out of nowhere and nimbly tied her arms and legs.
  • “Help!” Gillian freed herself and started crying out for help ear-piercingly.
  • In a flash, the man was on top of her again. He clasped her neck mercilessly and uttered coldly, “One more sound and I’ll take your life.”
  • Gillian’s air passage was cut off. Her limbs were bound, and she fearfully kept mum. She glared at the man ferociously as though trying to tear him apart with her sharp gaze.
  • The man ignored her hostile eyes and instead started to undo the buttons of her pajamas languidly.
  • It didn’t take long for Gillian to feel a chilly sensation on her breast. It struck her that the cherry she had kept for over twenty years was going to be popped tonight.
  • In this instance, despair engulfed her. Gillian bit her lower lip firmly and shot her red eyes open. Blood was surging rapidly in the veins of her eyeballs.
  • The next second, a flurry of kisses came upon Gillian’s silky skin. She trembled involuntarily, as if an electric current was running through her body in loops.
  • The man appeared to be satisfied with her response. He ran his warm palm around her figure, then promptly undressed her.
  • Following closely, Gillian felt like her pink castle had come under siege by a foreign object.
  • A layer of something broke apart, and the excruciating pain made her screech, accompanied by the involuntary gushing of tears.
  • Hearing her cry, the man once again cupped her mouth in his hand. Gillian felt embarrassed and furious at the same time. She struggled with all her might.
  • However, the harder she resisted, the more violent the man became. It felt like she was strapped to a guillotine machine, helpless against what had been done towards her.
  • The agonizing pain came in waves. Gillian gradually felt herself drifting away from a conscious mind, and soon after, she blacked out.