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Jury Service

Jury Service

Cory Doctorow

Update: 2020-04-22


  • In spring 2002, Charlie Stross and I co-wrote a story called "Jury Service,"
  • an extremely gonzo post-Singularity story whose writing was more fun than any
  • other story I've ever written. Charlie and I pitched the manuscript back and
  • forth to one another in 500-1000 word chunks, each time trying to top the
  • other. We have very little "meta" communication — just sent the story around
  • and rewrote what we had, then added our own bits. I can remember chuckling so
  • loudly while considering what I would do with Charlie's latest challenge in an
  • airport lounge that the security guard came by to ask if everything was all
  • right.
  • Stross is amazingly fun to write with. We've put together another story since
  • and will be writing some short shorts as soon as both of us can take a break
  • from our novels for a couple weeks.
  • "Jury Service" will be published in four pieces — it's 21,000 words in all! —
  • on, weekly through the month of December. The first chunk went live
  • this morning. I think that this is one of the most entertaining pieces I've
  • ever worked on, kind of Rucker-meets-Stephenson-meets-William S. Burroughs.
  • Hope you like it.
  • NOTE FROM THE GUY WHO ADDED THIS TO FEEDBOOKS: I found the sequel to this
  • novella, Appeals Court, on Feedbooks and realized that I needed to track the
  • first book in the series down. Jury Service used to be a part of the excellent
  • Sci Fi Channel's webzine Scifiction, however their online fiction archive was
  • nuked in 2007 because of rights issues. I put this file together out of the
  • text from an archived copy or the site archive from the Internet Archive.