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  • My name is Danville. I was watching a colorvision program on the first day of
  • the Calamity.
  • The program was a wrestling match between a woman and a bear. The bear was
  • winning when the screen went dark. The announcer's voice faded and I heard
  • what sounded like the chatter of my neighbors. When the screen lit up again,
  • it showed my own home. The door opened to reveal the hallway to the dining
  • room, where I could see my wife sewing a patch on my son's pants. Then I saw
  • my daughter experimenting on fudge in the food laboratory and my boy working
  • on a bomb model. What surprised me most was a picture of myself staring at
  • myself on the screen.
  • This wasn't very interesting to me, so I tried some of the other stations. No
  • matter where I tuned in, though, I found myself looking at a part of my own
  • home. I wrote a letter of complaint to the Universal Program Commission, but
  • never even got an answer.