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Chapter 47

  • Synn's POV
  • "I can't believe we get to have a good rest because of this," Elisse chuckled, her body sprawled on the couch while the others do the same. I was on the bean bag on the floor though, Arika was searching for something to watch on the television.
  • Snow was out, probably for that shoot she needs to complete for that drama.
  • So, after the incident, I was called back at the office. I know this was a huge mess I was in. Considering the culture in Korea and the severity of the situation Steffy was in, me being dragged into this mess is something our company would be shaken about.
  • If news came out that Steffy went berserk on me, people will easily make assumptions that it has something to do with the recent news. And I wasn't wrong. Just a few minutes after the incident, articles linking our incident shows my connection towards the man they were suspected to be her supposed ex-boyfriend. And seeing how Steffy had been shouting Gold's name last time, I wasn't surprised to see his name on the articles.
  • The articles consist of Steffy hitting me and speculations that Gold and Steffy may have separated because of me. Now, it's chaos. Not even sure how the fans are reacting but I am damn sure his fans were devasted.
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