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Chapter 44

  • Synn's POV
  • "Please Synn. This is the last chance I have. You have to help me. He'll say yes if you tell him,"
  • A long sigh escaped my lips. This had been going on for so long and it's starting to really bother me.
  • Not that I don't really wanna help her but somehow, it scares me that whatever is happening on her life now might scar and affect Gold's career too. Seeing how desperate she is right now scaring me to shit.
  • "What's wrong? Is she still texting you?" Snow brows furrowed, her lips puckered adorably as she takes the seat right across the couch I was seated. She just had a conversation with her boyfriend and it amazes me how Mono can snatch one quick phone call even in the midst of concert just to tell Snow an amusing incident he encountered.
  • I smiled at her and simply shruffed my shoulders.
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