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Chapter 41

  • Synn's POV
  • "Just because you got your pretty ass over here doesn't mean I no longer hate you. I still do, royal kid. What you did last time was so fucked up,"
  • I bit my lower lip at what Eros said. He was towering me like crazy, his hands resting on both sides of his waist while I seat here on the couch inside their dressing room. My hands can't stop fiddling with the hem of my shirt.
  • Apparently, Gold just went out to prepare for his solo performance, reason why I had to stay hidden along with the staff for almost an hour earlier while I wait until he's gone.
  • And yes, my conscience wouldn't stop bugging me and I can't even sleep properly knowing how bad of a girlfriend I had been to Gold these past weeks.
  • I was too engrossed with all that had happened yo my life that I neglected him. What's even worse is that he did not even get mad at me for it.
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