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Chapter 37

  • Synn's POV
  • "Okay, I've calmed down. Continue," my aunt stated but her face was noticeably red despite the fact that we were on a Skype call. She was hyperventilating. It's like she forgot that Gold is actually seated beside me.
  • After that little incident where my Mom accidentally saw Gold nuzzling his nose right on my neck, Gold froze in instant and was barely able to speak. He was so shocked and embarrassed that my mother had to see him do that when he hasn't introduced himself.
  • My Mom was quiet though and I can feel Gold fidgeting beside me. Out of worry, I grab his other hand and held it tightly. I don't want him to feel that he's alone.
  • I saw how my mom raised her eyebrow at the sight of our intertwined hands. As far as I remember, my mom is a fan of them. But of course, being my boyfriend is a different thing.
  • "So..." my Mom started. She still isn't smiling and even though my mom is a jolly and friendly person, she can be pretty much intimidating at times too.
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