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Chapter 35

  • Synn's POV
  • "Why is that every time you two has a problem, it becomes 'our' problem too?"
  • I rolled my eyes at what Elisse had just said. We were on the van on our way to our dorm after coming back from our flight in Singapore.
  • "Stop the attitude, young girl and stop pouting. Elisse has a point though. You and Gold should learn how to manage your relationship. You get grumpy whenever you two had a fight and we don't exactly always have the time in the world to deal with your sassiness, okay?" Arika puffed air out of her mouth while she taps on her phone.
  • Arika just shrugged her shoulders. I can't really blame them, especially Elisse and Arika. I accidentally snapped at them, after I saw that video of Gold fucking grinding in front of millions of people after he literally asked me if I can change my solo number - the audacity and hypocrisy. Who does he think he is?
  • Just because we are together doesn't mean he can be a bitch like that.
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