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  • "I'm already in a relationship with Gin, so you can drop out now, or at least I'll give you a tour before you do," I said.
  • We just continued wandering around the campus. Although, he does draw a lot of attention especially that he's not wearing our uniform. Plus the fact that his visuals are a big check and his name is all over the billboards. He would be the talk of the town soon enough. Just who would've thought that Leo will stand this low for me?! This must be the most difficult decision he has ever made in his life. It's just that... I never expect him to come back for me.
  • "We never broke up, I never agreed." I only ignored what he said. He walked closer to me, and every time our elbows met it electrifies my whole body. "Marinette, I know you still love me."
  • "Then why do you keep hurting me?" I asked, as my voice cracks. It hurts me to realize everything about our relationship back then. Pure flaws and wounds and I was just blind enough not to notice because I adore him so much to the extend I would do anything I can. But he never did his best to cope up with me... I understand he's busy but I'm tired of being the only one fighting alone.
  • "There are things I can't tell you..." he trailed off. It made me furious. What kind of relationship did we have back then entirely of hidden issues to one another? Am I that naive? Well, I can't blame myself, he was perfect on the camera, every girl would want a guy like him not seeing what's behind those smiles when everything turned off away from media. It's just strangling, so bad...
  • I lead him to our favorite spot - the school's garden where I and my friends always hang out inside the school premises. We sat down on the bench and I intentionally made a distance. Being seen with him does feel something different, something I want to happen more often, but I don't think it will.
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