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  • Full of hatred and anguish, I turned around and walked away with heavy steps. Heck, I can't believe it. He's just fooling me all the time. I thought I was finally living the dream of loving him, loving someone I adore the most but all of it has vanished into thin air.
  • There were never been an "us", rather I was just stupid enough to imagine that we'll last long. I'm so angry at myself! How could I not see this coming?! He is in an entertainment surrounded by beautiful women! Not to mention, the various female leads he has been partnered with! Especially that Scarlett, they're bound to marry each other soon enough...
  • Not a pinch of tears has fallen from my eyes. I promised myself I would never cry again for a guy. Even if he were my favorite actor... even if he was the first one I loved wholeheartedly, I don't give a freaking care in the world anymore.
  • "Mari!"
  • Never did I took another glance, another peek at whom I loved before. It's all over, I have decided to break up with Leo. I'm ending this fairytale of mine. From the start, I should've never attended his meet-up event and just stayed at home to continue adoring him alone. I'm more in peace if that was the case. This would have never happened!
  • "Just invite me to your wedding, you're welcome!" I exclaimed when I felt his hand on my wrist. He pulled me closer to him and I could feel his eyes begging for my presence to stay.
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